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"Forgive me
for the days
when I am unsure
whether I am
dreaming or awake,
when I use
sharp words
to poke holes
in this love
we have made,
just to see
if it can
the quake.” 🌋🌀✨ #DellaWilson #BedYoga for Day30 tmw’s #HappyHealthyYogis Probably one of my favorite themes this month. ☺️💞✨ Bed and yoga. Can’t get any better! 🙌 @yogitoes123 @_kariooo @shauna_harrison @yogaracheal and our sponsor @kaitekisandals

3months of discipline shown here, over 20lbs lost, my next weigh in is in 2weeks for my 4th month of hard work update!(excited) work hard! play hard! I enjoy what I do. Shoutout to everyone doing the #carmen30daysquatchallenge 100 squats everyday with me! You say I motivate you.. but really it is y’all that motivate me & keep me pushing forward! Thank you!getting closer to hitting the stage, I can’t slow down now! 🙋🙌💋❤ @carmen_getsfit @lynnettessilhouettes #personaltrainer #fitness #weightloss #nov14 #bikinicompetitorprep #weddingprep

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Waist Training?! or Getting Waisted?! 

Women that ask for my opinion on waist trainers get an honest response, common conversations I’ve had include the following; 
1. But I only wear my corset during exercise /// Wearing a corset during exercise gives your core muscles a false sense of support. Your core like any other muscle group needs to be free to function the way it’s suppose to during exercise. Go without a corset during exercise so you can strengthen your core and build up it’s conditioning. 

2. But I like how it makes me look and feel // Ladies, but at what cost? When worn tightly for hours at a time you risk bruising your internal organs, specifically your liver, spleen  and kidneys. In some cases the restrictions of a corsets can lead to constipation and gas …do you like that feeling too?! 

3. But it works! I definitely see a significant difference after taking it off after exercising. // Please understand that these body corsets and cinchers are designed to make you perspire and therefore that’s not body fat you’re losing, it’s primarily water. Do not mistake fat loss for sweat shed. 

4. It’s a little uncomfortable at first but I’ve gotten use to it like a second skin. // Not good. I can only assume that your body has then gotten acclimated to taking in less oxygen then what’s it’s truly capable of and needs. Not only are you putting unnecessary pressure on your internal organs you most likely are restricting oxygenation. OXYGEN HELPS YOUR METABOLISM RUN ESSENTIAL. It helps the functions of each and every organ of the body. Restricting oxygenation of the body could do long-term damage to your metabolism and your health. 


I have nothing against those that choose to sell/promote waist training garments of any type, brand. I believe it is our sole responsibility as consumers to do our own research on all things we purchase for the purpose of improving our health. Everyone is free to voice their opinion and I am no exception. I hope this brings new insight to those wanting a different perspective. Thank you. FULL WRITE UP ON MY WEBSITE 😉
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f u c k

Hot chocolate 😚


Good god

This was obtained by clean, healthy eating, with little to moderate exercise. The first picture was around last year December, and the second one was yesterday :3
I still have a long way to go, seeing as my goal is to be fit and hard and strong as hell. And I’m on my way ;”D
My starting weight isn’t actually pictured here. I was wayyyy heavier, and more out of shape, and overall, unhealthy and sad.
Height: 5’2”
Starting weight: 155 pounds
First picture weight: 135 pounds
Second picture (presently): 110 pounds.

Little #TransformationTuesday . Little embarassed to post this, but what the heck. :D BEFORE&DURING. Long way made, still long way to go, physically and mentally. 
GOAL WEIGHT: When I’ll feel the most comfortable in myself, maybe around 65KG, Who knows haha. 
177CM :)

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